Security Program Management as a Service for MSSPs

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The Opportunity

Empowering Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to grow and enhance their Cybersecurity Assessment Practice

With TrustMAPP, MSSPs can streamline their cybersecurity assessment practices by migrating to modern tools that reduce the invested time per client to gain a competitive advantage.

TrustMAPP automates and accelerates the cybersecurity assessment process, reducing the level of effort to complete and manage cybersecurity assessments up to 70 percent. The cloud-based multi-tenant assessment solutions provides assessments, remediation recommendations including budget estimations that allow MSSPs to build out and enhance their cybersecurity services business.

Turnkey Assessments

Intelligent workflows and templates built for your industry.

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Real-Time Results

View real-time results as assessments are performed.

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Budgetary Guidance

TrustMAPP provides budgetary guidance for your remediation efforts.

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Remediation Tools

Project management tools to track your team’s progress.

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The Benefits of TrustMAPP for MSSPs

The SaaS based solution offered by TrustMAPP automates the task of collecting and rating Cyber Security Assessment controls. Functions that have traditional been delivered on spreadsheets are automated with TrustMAPP including board level report and remediation solutions.

Our Cloud Based Continuous Cyber Security Performance Management tool provides a solution to increase your reach in your existing clients and expand to a new client base.

  • Added revenue stream

  • Additional Entry Point into new clients

  • Mitigating Cyber Risk Solutions for MSP client

  • Increase Average Spend per client by upwards of 300%

  • Create a Dynamic Roadmap to Increase Engagement and Transparency of  Value with Customers

Turnkey Assessments

The first step in developing an executive narrative to support a remediation plan is to Assess and Measure the current Cyber Security Compliance level.

TrustMAPP offers turnkey assessments based on industry-standard frameworks and supports more than 50 frameworks, including custom mash-ups. If you don’t see what you need, talk to us and we can build support for the framework for you.

TrustMAPP supports single or multi-respondent solutions, with tools to track and automate respondent management.

Assessment controls are clearly outlined for easy use and respondents are provided clear explanations of each individual control.

Real-Time Results

Pre-built analytics to help your organization translate compliance and maturity activities into a meaningful business narrative and board level reports.

Informative Board Level report on all aspects of the cybersecurity maturity result.

Detailed level of real-time reports that provide data for prioritizing remediation plans.

Budgetary Guidance

Create remediation plans to address the gaps detected in cybersecurity maturity. Align your resources to your customer requirements for increased spending.

Identify and prioritize remediation tasks and projects to maximize the use of investment capital.

Review TrustMAPP remediation solutions to close gaps in cybersecurity maturity. Built-in Spider charts provide visibility into the Gap analysis in the current cybersecurity posture.

Remediation Tools

Along with remediation solutions to close cybersecurity gaps, TrustMAPP provides to auto-tracking and prioritizing tasks to achieve target goals.

Assign and track tasks to achieve remediation goals with TrustMAPP. Tasks, once delegated, are tracked and when marked complete, update the cybersecurity maturity of your client, providing real-time results.

Prioritize tasks to maximize capital and labor costs. TrustMAPP provides the tools to model out the solutions that will best fit your client’s budgets and timeline.

TrustMAPP Delivers

TrustMAPP provides MSSPs the tools to automate and scale their cybersecurity assessment business. The collective features in TrustMAPP outperform both traditional and GRC assessment tools.

Traditional MethodsGRC ToolsTrustMAPP
Standard and Custom Frameworks
Continuous Updates
Remediation Solutions
Task Tracking
Labor and Capital Budgeting
Consistent KPIs

We have partnered with TrustMAPP, a cybersecurity performance management SaaS platform, to automate assessment frameworks and to address the gaps in our customers cybersecurity maturity.

We work with our customers’ cybersecurity organizations to identify gaps in your cybersecurity posture and create a roadmap of targeted solutions to achieve your desired level of security and compliance.

– Director of Service Delivery, SMB MSSP in North America