National Launch of TrustMAPP Receives Wide Interest

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More than 25 online media outlets, including Reuters, Wall Street Journal Online security feedVirtual Strategy Magazine, and Government Security News carried our May 11, 2015 announcement about the launch of TrustMAPP, the first platform to measure and manage information security based on maturity metrics. We also demonstrated the platform to more than 25 interested organizations at the Secure360 information security conference in St. Paul on May 12-13 and are in the process of helping many of those parties implement the tool for their specific enterprise environments. This early reception indicates how deep the need has been for a tool that quickly assesses security status and reports the results to boards in language and graphics they can understand. In case you missed the announcement, here is the full text:

TrustMAPP Information Security Dashboard Launches to Help Prevent Data Breaches: Software Fights Cyber Risks with Clearer Assessments and Communication

             St. Paul, Minn., May 11, 2015 — TrustMAPP, the most advanced software platform to quickly assess and visualize a company’s entire information security posture, launches tomorrow at Secure360, a conference in St. Paul, Minnesota that assists companies in data breach prevention. TrustMAPP is a robust information security dashboard that answers the call for better reports and visuals in cyber risk management, a problem documented recently in the Wall Street Journal.

Replacing slow manual assessments with faster automated templates, TrustMAPP enables chief information security officers (CISOs) to measure in detail their level of compliance with established security standards and industry best practices—including the human behaviors implicated in most data breaches. TrustMAPP analyzes the results and provides expert recommendations to achieve desired security compliance levels at optimal costs. Clear, visual reports are easily understandable by senior management and boards.

While TrustMAPP is available for license to organizations of all sizes, its strongest value is managing security programs across large enterprises or businesses with multiple locations. The platform’s developer, Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) of Minneapolis, developed the proprietary methodology in 2009 for an executive who requested a “clear, quick picture” of his company’s security posture. It has been refined over the last six years with highly regulated clients of SDS, culminating in today’s SaaS platform that operates on a tablet or laptop.

Using TrustMAPP, security officers can rapidly gather status reports from those responsible for security processes across their organizations, including incident response, third-party risk, vulnerability management, and 40 other processes tailored to specific industries. TrustMAPP measures each process on six dimensions of maturity for an accurate, real-time picture of breach readiness and regulatory compliance.

TrustMAPP instantly mines the responses into visualizations that identify gaps and threats, along with cost and resource estimates required to address them. The conclusions guide security plans and budgets, and unite organizations around clear priorities. As improvements are completed, TrustMAPP dynamically updates the security posture of an enterprise, powering a continuous cycle of rapid assessment, measurement, analysis and improvement in key security program metrics.

“In information security, you can manage only what you’re able to accurately measure and communicate to those with budget control,” said Chad Boeckmann, CEO of Secure Digital Solutions. “TrustMAPP accelerates this process at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.”

TrustMAPP provides a timely solution for financial services firms answering to new guidance on security oversight issued last month by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Proactive measurement and reporting is lacking in security programs across all sectors. According to the 2015 Global State of Information Security© by PricewaterhouseCoopers, only 53 percent of surveyed companies have a methodology to measure the effectiveness of their information security programs.

At Secure360, go to the Secure Digital Solutions booth (#501) for a demonstration of TrustMAPP. Or see a video introduction and request more information at Email or call 952-544-0234.

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TrustMAPP is the first software platform to automate and visualize cyber-security risk management based on process maturity. Developed by Secure Digital Solutions, the licensed software equips security officers to quickly and cost-effectively assess, measure and improve the security posture of their organizations, while communicating clearly with executives and boards. Visit

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