NCF- Podcast 273: Security Performance Management

Today’s guest, Chad Boeckmann, and host Dr. Murray discuss the Evolution of Information security, lessons learned from previous technologies such as databases to network security, and how they can now be applied to the cloud. They Introduce the Notion of Security Performance Management, which looks at maturity and how risk is managed within an organization. Security Performance Management has the new goal to create and then maintain effectiveness. Today’s guest introduces a new way of looking at security using MAPP Methodology, which he explains as looking at everything as a process, then designing a way to measure capability and effectiveness to perform and meet compliance and privacy regulations. If you are interested in something which may be a bit different for your organization, you will enjoy this conversation.

Chad Boeckmann has over 20 years of experience in data security, cyber risk, and regulatory compliance. A sample of his performed roles includes VP of Security Operations, Security Advisor to Executive Leadership, virtual CISO, Expert Witness in data breach cases, coach, mentor, manager, and marketer. In addition, he’s fostered innovation and leadership through the development of a global SaaS and cybersecurity performance management platform known as TrustMAPP. Today his role is building strategic relationships and supporting the leaders on the team to achieve their best performance. He’s thankful for the talent that’s joined the team over the previous decade and for those yet to come.

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