Chief Information Security OfficerWith the advancements in technology over the last few years, cyber threats are at an all time high. Some of the largest corporations in America have been hacked, causing individual’s private information to be seen. Discussions internally regarding cyber security have become a very hot topic for many organizations because breaking the news as the next firm to be hacked is not the best publicity. As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), it is important that you create a playbook to help you manage cyber security across your entire organization. No matter how great a CISO you are, there will be times where having some extra support will help you tremendously. That is where TrustMAPP comes into play. If you are a CISO, consider teaming up with our staff at TrustMAPP to help you maintain the playbook that is ready to tackle any cyber threat that comes its way.

Increased Scrutiny

It comes as no surprise that CISO’s are getting scrutinized more frequently because of the increase in breaches that have occurred across the globe. Governmental regulators and auditors continue to inspect and examine cyber controls within organizations. By maintaining a cyber security playbook for your firm, you will be able to better understand security threats and will be able to better illustrate those threats to your support staff. A CISO playbook allows for you to see the entire picture of your cyber strength rather than focusing on just one area at a time.

Why Choose TrustMAPP

TrustMAPP provides CISO’s with an information security platform that offers multiple levels of assistance, real time. Preventing data breaches is a tall task for CISO’s to manage on their own. With the help of TrustMAPP, you and your security support staff will be able to catch a cyber threat before they attack. Additionally, our security platform helps elevate information security across your organization in the following ways:

  • Assessing Risk – Our technology allows you to survey employees as well as focus on processes within your organization that may be at risk of a cyber attack.
  • Measuring Security – Data is not helpful if it is not able to be measured. TrustMAPP offers easy to use measuring templates that help you visually illustrate security levels across your company.
  • Analyzing Results – Once measurements have occurred, TrustMAPP analyzes your data to examine which areas are more susceptible to security breaches and provides you with this information.
  • Improving Strength – Not only does TrustMAPP manage your information security, we also help create a security roadmap to help you improve your company’s cyber security.

With the help of TrustMAPP, as a CISO you will be able to create a detailed, reliable and advanced playbook that you can reference each day on the job. Team up with TrustMAPP today by calling (952) 544-0234.