Prevent a Data Breach

Published On: August 6, 2015Categories: Breaches, Blog

As technology continues to dominate our lives, the threat that some type of threat such as a data breach can significantly impact us is very real. Companies that house and store customer data are especially vulnerable to data breaches and many times can be held liable for loss of data. In a large company it can sometimes be difficult for IT level employees to communicate to non-technical employees the need for monitoring software to assess a company’s risk of exposure to data breaches. At TrustMAPP, we’ve introduced the world’s first security software platform that can automate and show a visual representation of security risk in an organization. This visual representation of a company’s risk is great for companies looking to offer a solution that is easily understandable by all employees.

How Do Data Breaches Occur?

According to recent research, there are three common types of data breaches that are experienced by organizations:

  • Insiders that aren’t aware of how to effectively protect customer data.
  • Targeted attacks from outsiders.
  • Insiders with malicious intentions.

Often organizations experience a combination of these attacks. For instance, an inexperienced employee can easily become vulnerable to a targeted attack from an outsider.

How to Prevent a Data Breach

  1. Training – It’s important to train all employees about the risks of a data breach, which can help your own employees spot potential hackers or malicious insiders.
  2. Encryption – It’s important for companies to develop an encryption policy and enforce it.
  3. Utilize Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software – Using a software platform like TrustMAPP to not only detect but also prevent data breaches can help an organization always be on alert for potential irregularities that could lead to potential attacks.
  4. Perform Regular Assessments – Organizations should always be performing regular assessments to determine vulnerabilities. Many experts suggest that these should be done once per week if possible. Scans should be done on every system in an organization’s network both internal as well as external.

How To Measure Your Company’s Internet Security

With TrustMAPP you can quickly assess, visualize and help prioritize an organization’s data breach readiness. With our information security dashboard you and your entire organization will have robust tools at your fingertips ready to spring into action when they are needed. For more information on our solutions and to get an information security score for your organization contact our team today at 952-544-0234 or via email at