Quickly Improve Your Company’s Security

Published On: January 7, 2016Categories: Blog

Start 2016 off right by quickly improving the information security of your company. It is important that you stay ahead of the security and data breaches that seem to be popping up in all different directions. Not only does your company’s security have a direct impact on your organization’s success, but it also helps maintain trust between you and your customers. It is extremely difficult to protect your business from each potential security breach out there, but there are ways to improve on the security practices that you currently use. The personal data that you have is very enticing to hackers, so use 2016 as a year to focus on strengthening your company’s security measures. One great way to do this is by teaming up with TrustMAPP, a cloud based security platform that can help your organization in various information security areas.

Practical Ways to Improve Security

  • Regularly Update Software – Although it is a slightly annoying task, updating your computer software on a regular basis can help to reduce the likelihood of a breach. Within these updates, software vendors often make changes to make it harder for hackers to attempt a breach.
  • Oversee Administrative Access – Keep any eye on access patterns. Passwords can easily be hacked so it is important to regularly require passwords to be changed. If unusual patterns begin popping up, it is important to research the reasoning behind the pattern.
  • Firewalls – Firewalls are a great resource to keep hackers out, however they do not guarantee. If the hacker gains access into your network, you should configure your firewalls in a way that it will be extremely difficult for the hacker to steal or gain access to your data.
  • Restrict Applications – Setting up your network to only allow certain applications to be run on your computer equipment will help prevent potential threats.
  • Train – What good are security enhancements if your staff is not trained on them? Employees that may be browsing the Internet may accidentally click on an infected website. Your staff can easily mistake a fake email for something work related. By training your team on common information security threats, you can quickly improve your company’s security.

These are just some of the ways that you can improve on your organization’s security. By teaming up with TrustMAPP, you will also be able to enhance the way your security staff assesses potential risk, measures security across the organization, analyzes security findings and communicates threats to executive team members. To learn more about how a partnership with TrustMAPP can quickly improve your company’s information security, give us a call today at (952) 544-0234.