Reality of Cyber Risk

Published On: March 17, 2017Categories: Blog

March 17th, 2017
Ed Snodgrass, CISO, Secure Digital Solutions

Oftentimes cyber risk is viewed as a concept. An idea. Something visceral that ‘feels’ wrong based on experience, knowledge or expertise. The mental journey from the idea of the cyber risk to the reality of cyber risk is clear and multiple scenarios present themselves in a flash. The idea can be articulated and someone instantly identifies with the frightening possibilities and the sense of urgency – forcing action.

That approach may work well in movies but it doesn’t work well in business. Within security as with other areas, risk is definable and quantifiable. So too is the potential result if it’s realized. Concepts and ideas must be removed and the potential cost translated into currency – and currency means time, people and money. On the other side of the ‘ledger’ the same currency must be used to plan and evaluate the effectiveness of the investments mitigating risk. And that ledger must evolve. It must be a ‘living’ picture of debits and credits that allows for critical decisions to be made quickly and effectively. A periodic snapshot won’t cut it.

Enter TrustMAPP. The industry’s first dynamic platform designed to allow efficiency and effectiveness in answering these critical questions:

  1. Where is our security investment going and why?
  2. Where can we reduce spending while decreasing risk?
  3. Are we getting maximum value from our current security investments?

Transform the conversation from what’s possible into what’s actual. See how: