Turn your assessments into strategy with the TrustMAPP Recommendation Engine

TrustMAPP’s powerful recommendation engine is designed to drive decision support and prioritize cybersecurity investments to achieve your desired risk and maturity appetite. TrustMAPP provides recommendations to increase maturity for each control or process measured in order to drive meaningful planning through clear, concise, and iterative guidance. We currently provide more than 60,000 remediation recommendations.

Recommendations are based upon thousands of hours of research into current and emerging cybersecurity and data privacy trends. Recommendations are then vetted by a committee of veteran security and data privacy consultants to make certain that they adhere to the highest standards and are specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant.

TrustMAPP recommendations are continuously reviewed and updated by our team so that the maturation of the recommendations themselves reflect industry demands.

Expert Guidance

TrustMAPP provides extensively researched and industry-vetted recommendations out-of-the-box so that your organization can create an action plan based upon assessment results.

Tailored Recommendations

TrustMAPP’s recommendations are tailored specifically to the frameworks that your organization are assessing against, providing a relevant basis remediation planning.