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Setting Your Roadmap To Success

In this white paper, learn how information security leaders can better communicate to other executives and to the board the value of the cybersecurity program.


Looking Past ‘Point-In-Time’ to Understand Security Performance Management

August 6, 2020

In this recorded webinar, veteran CISOs Ed Amoroso and Malcolm Harkins. A fantastic hour of conversation about security performance management (#SPM)! 


Requirements for Security Performance Management

July 6, 2020

Ed Amoroso and the team at TAG Cyber have published a white paper, “Requirements for Security Performance Management“, explaining the 5 requirements for an SPM solution.


Making the Case for a Security Investment

Many CISOs have long expressed concern over their inability to obtain resources and funding support for the information security investments needed to provide suitable levels of protection.In this webcast, Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cymatic and TrustMAPP Board Member, shares examples of strategies and techniques to change the conversation around cyber risks and vulnerabilities to make a compelling business case for security investments.


CMMC – Port53 – TrustMAPP webinar
Why You Need Your CMMC Certifications NOW

June 2, 2020

In this recorded webinar, learn what impact CMMC will have on security maturity and compliance assessments in the US Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Featuring Port53 and TrustMAPP.


Understanding Trust and the Economics of Insecurity

Security professionals continue to throw money at security vendorsto make up for the shortcomings of their solutions. It’s a strategy that helps the security vendors, but hurts businesses. Hear security expert, Malcolm Harkins, explain the economics of security, how to identify where your current security strategy is flawed, ways to better frame risk and trust, and the steps you should take to redefine your approach to controlling cybercrime.

In this video, Malcom Harkins, CISO at Cymatic, talks about the real economic consequences of a lock of information security.


Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan

This paper describes a three-step maturity-centric approach – Maturity Assessment, a Profile, and a Plan (MAPP). An information security MAPP empowers the CISO to evaluate, track, report, and strategize the organization’s security priorities.


Presenting to the Board of Directors

Summarize security vulnerabilities and opportunities to your Board in a way they will find compelling. In this webcast, Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer for Cymatic, shares his lessons learned in presenting privacy and security risks to a variety of Boards of Directors. He candidly discusses how to deliver a presentation that will resonate with the C-Suite and offers specific examples of what works and what doesn’t.