Role of the Modern CISO

Published On: October 8, 2015Categories: CISOs, Blog

Information security breaches are becoming increasingly more common this day in age. With so many avenues for these breaches to occur, companies are at a much higher risk of being the next firm to fall victim to an attack. Sure, places like Target and Home Depot that have experienced a large security breach were able to recover, but that may not be the same for everyone. Due to the rise in security threats, the role of the modern CISO has transitioned from a leader that places a primary focus on overseeing and implementing information security to what has now become an extremely valuable risk management advisor. This role within an organization has become increasingly more difficult, but have no fear because TrustMAPP is here! Team up with TrustMAPP to help manage and elevate your information security so that you can spend more time and be more efficient advising your company about information security.

Notable CISO Changes

In decades past, the CISO would oversee and put security policies in place across the company. Not much funding was placed on information security in the past, limiting their resources. Now, the CISO is responsible for working directly with leaders and executives to get a better understanding of the business needs and processes. Companies that house so many different internal departments have separate information security needs, so it is vital that the CISO understands the needs first hand across the firm. Communication is vastly more important this day in age as well. The CISO must be able to relay IT findings to employees at various levels of skill. A CISO was able to blend in and hide in the background of a company in the past, however nowadays the CISO is visible at the forefront of the advisory team, right next to finance and legal. Together, you will decide on important business decisions and find ways to limit any information security risk. So if you are a modern CISO, say goodbye to the days that you taught employees about information security, and be prepared to be one of the primary faces of the company going forward.

How to Manage this Change?

The new responsibilities of a CISO can be extremely stressful. You may feel overwhelmed and feel like you do not have the necessary resources to become a successful CISO with these modern day changes. Well, by partnering with TrustMAPP, you will have a valuable tool in your hands that can help you better manage your information security. Our security platform is designed to help you in the following ways:

  • Gauge Risk – Our platform can gather necessary data across your entire company very quickly!
  • Evaluate Security – Our dashboard can help you measure how various security projects are performing within your firm.
  • Analyze Findings – Once the data and results have been found, you need to be able to illustrate your findings. TrustMAPP creates easy to follow visuals and reports that you can hand right over to your executive team for review.
  • Boost Strength – TrustMAPP also has the ability to create a security roadmap to help you manage potential security breaches in the future.

So, just like the role of the CISO has adapted and changed with advancements in technology, so should you. If you are a CISO that needs a little bit of help with elevating your information security levels, TrustMAPP is the solution for you. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 to learn more about how we can assist you as a modern CISO.