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TrustMAPP Solution Partners Deliver Cybersecurity Performance Management to their Clients

TrustMAPP is a tool designed by experienced security and privacy consultants based on the needs and wants of CISOs to manage cybersecurity as a business. It offers a standardized methodology, customizable assessments, and realtime visibility into completion and maturity status.

Our Solution Partners

Better For Your Clients

  • Standardized methodology
  • Executive dashboard for all stakeholders
  • Continuous completion status & real-time visibility
  • Better communication
  • Customizable assessments


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Better For Your Firm

  • Standardized methodology & recommendations across clients
  • Digital transformation of your business
  • Differentiation from your competitors
  • Stickiness – sell a platform, not an assessment
  • Increase revenues – remediation recommendations lead to follow-on work
  • Integrates with existing service products

Consultant Configurations

TrustMAPP has tools specifically designed to aid consultants.

White Labeling

TrustMAPP can be white labeled to help you build your brand.

Generous Margins

TrustMAPP believes in win-win financial models and we sell primarily through and with partners.

Sell Internationally

Our SaaS solution provides Multi-Lingual support enabling global implementations.

Early Access

We ensure you are prepared ahead of GA to leverage product enhancements and welcome partner feedback on our roadmap.

Lead Registration

We avoid any conflict of interest between partners.