Staying Ahead of Cyber Security Threats

Published On: December 13, 2015Categories: Blog

When you hear the term “cyber breach,” a few companies that we will not mention may come to mind. Your company ending up on the wrong end of a cyber breach could negatively affect your long term success. As customers, individuals, and everyone expect for their personal information to be protected at all times. The minute the customer loses trust because of a cyber hacking, they may venture off and become best friends with your firm’s largest competitor. If you are looking for a security dashboard that can help you stay ahead of cyber security threats, TrustMAPP is the partner for you. Dedicated to elevating information security, our staff has the tools and resources to help you predict and protect yourself from potential threats.

Go the Extra Mile With Cyber Security

Research has shown that millions of cyber attacks happen each day. Although some of these may be very small, they still should be accounted for if you are part of an information security team. You never know which attack may be the next one to cause your firm to be on the headline news for the wrong reasons! If you have not already convinced your firm’s decision making team how important cyber security is, this should be your first step. TrustMAPP serves as a tool to help you go the extra mile with your cyber security in the following ways:

  • Measuring and Assess Security Risks – Monitoring any potential security threats that may come your way lays the groundwork for a successful cyber security team. TrustMAPP can access all potential risks and clearly illustrate them for you to address promptly.
  • Develop a Security Roadmap – The success of your company’s cyber security relies heavily on the security roadmap that you and your team develop. TrustMAPP serves as a tool to clearly define your firm’s security roadmap, which is designed to bring long term protection and success.
  • Enhance Communication – Communicating potential cyber threats to the board and other decision makers can be difficult. Many companies struggle with being able to explain these threats in an easy to understand way. Thanks to TrustMAPP, you will be able to provide simple reports and charts that will visually display the strong and weak areas of your cyber security.

When customers search for information about your company on the Internet, you want it all to be positive. Don’t let a cyber security breach affecting your firm be the first thing that pops up online when your customer performs a Google search. Team up with TrustMAPP today to help your team stay ahead of cyber security threats that may be looming. Give us a call at (952) 544-0234 to learn more about how our team can help elevate your information security.