Successful Information Security

Published On: September 4, 2015Categories: Blog

The world we live in can be a scary place. Identity theft, personal information exposed, money being stolen from credit card numbers, there are so many things that we could be scared of in this century. What we should remember most is that with every good thing, there has to be some sort of negative. If you had told us 30 years ago that everyone would be talking on bluetooth phones while driving to pick up their online order of groceries, we would have laughed and thought that was something from out of the Jetsons. At TrustMAPP Information Security, we know that there are bad people and things in this world. Therefore, we choose to embrace all of the new technology and defend our clients with successful information security for anyone seeking positive change. Let TrustMAPP Information Security keep our finger on the pulse, as well as show you how we can help to keep you and your business safe!

Rigorous Security Procedures

Just because we can embrace change and technology does not mean we shouldn’t be protecting it. Through rigorous procedures, we can put into place human resources and protocols that should be implicated in most data breaches. Assessing, measuring, analyzing, improving and reporting are the key processes to having successful information security. We organize and examine all data as it moves through the primary internet ingress and egress points. We do full packet capture across the enterprise networks and reverse engineer all new malware as it’s found.

We Know People

How can we defend against the intelligent hackers without knowing them? We have established relationships with an enormous range of threat intelligence sources so that we are always abreast to new vulnerabilities, exploits, and malware.

We Train Them Well

Just being smart gets you nowhere in life. To have successful information security, individuals must have constant practice, training, and improvement. We perform multidisciplinary tabletop drills for our staff so that we can quickly understand process failures as they occur and remind our team the vital need for security emergencies. With that being said, nothing, not even technology, is perfect and we should always look for ways to better improve ourselves and our product.

TrustMAPP wants to help your company build strong information security programs so that you can feel confident in every vital component of your information’s safety. We have certified experts in privacy, security, and compliance that can help in all types of industries such as healthcare, financial services, energy, government services, food distribution, and education. For more information about how TrustMAPP Information Security can help you, please call us at (952) 544-0234, or visit us online at