cyber security team

Improve Cyber SecurityYou may have heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work.” This quote rings true when it comes to the cyber safety of your company. In most scenarios, having multiple minds working together makes the end result better. Even with golf, which is a game where only one individual swings the clubs, the professionals have caddies that pitch in and give advice on which club to use and what angle to take when approaching the green. Read Full Post

Cyber Safety in Numbers

Visual Security Breach ReadinessJust like any part of an organization, it is important for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lay out goals that you would like your information security team to accomplish. Depending on how in depth the goal may be, it can be tracked weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually. What good are goals, however, if you’re not able to easily track them? Read Full Post

Goal Management: the CISO’s Dilemma