cybersecurity during board meetings

How CISO’s Manage Cybersecurity as a Business FunctionNovember 14th, 2019 In order to effectively allocate resources, track improvements to security posture overtime and achieve security and risk objectives,  security leadership must run cybersecurity as a business function. This sounds simple, but in practice, managing the business of security and risk […]

How CISO’s Manage Cybersecurity as a Business Function

Board Member Cybersecurity QuestionsIt’s no secret that cybersecurity has become a hot topic throughout our country in regards to keeping both our homes and our businesses safe. So what are people really concerned about when it comes to online security threats in larger corporations? TrustMAPP has done its homework and found common cybersecurity questions that board members most often bring up. If you are a large shareholder within your company, it’s time to listen to their concerns! Read Full Post

Common Cyber Security Questions from Boards