Data Security

Improve Cyber SecurityYou may have heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work.” This quote rings true when it comes to the cyber safety of your company. In most scenarios, having multiple minds working together makes the end result better. Even with golf, which is a game where only one individual swings the clubs, the professionals have caddies that pitch in and give advice on which club to use and what angle to take when approaching the green. Read Full Post

Cyber Safety in Numbers

Consider this, controls are for auditors, processes are for managers. As someone who has been issuing guidance and helping companies to improve upon their information security for the past 17 years I’ve concluded the industry approach to information security is too narrow. Often times tools are purchased as a reaction to the latest threat or worse, a socially cool trend. To truly operationalize security, information security practitioners, particularly leaders (CISO’s), must focus on how to manage the security program, both data security and cyber security, based on performance of processes. Read Full Post

Controls are for Auditors, Processes are for Managers

Cyber risk assessment and managementIf you’re a business owner you likely have a million “hats” to wear on a daily basis. You probably handle sales, marketing, customer service, IT, payroll and many other tasks. This is simply the price of running your own business. While the benefits of being your own boss are often worth it, running your own business is hard work. One area that often gets overlooked is data security. Read Full Post

Best Practices for Cyber Data Security

Protecting Customer DataCyber Crime is on the rise and the stakes have never been higher. Just ask the owners of hacked website Ashley Madison where Over 30 Million Accounts were compromised. Client’s names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and sexual preferences were put out there for all of the world to see. The shear quantity of victims has made cyber crime real for Americans... Read Full Post

Ashley Madison Hack