The Business of Security

Published On: December 22, 2016Categories: Blog

December 21, 2016

The original ideation leader behind TrustMAPP, Chad Boeckmann (@cboeckm), was recently asked to be a guest on the podcast “Down the Security Rabbit Hole” with Rafal Los (@wh1t3rabbit), James Jardine (@jardinesoftware), and Michael Santarcangelo (@catalyst) on the subject “The Business of Security“.  In this podcast the crew discusses trends in information security management over the past several years and how leadership infosec teams are getting things done and also struggling to tell a compelling message. While the “bad guys” are running their criminal enterprise, security teams have struggled to be business-relevant. This discussion starts to dive into how to align security and business goals, answering the “how much is enough?” question and more:

  • How we as an industry are just beginning to transcend beyond IT and point-in-time compliance to a more formal basis for measuring progress
  • Leadership in security and formal training
  • How to brief the board and focus on telling a compelling business story
  • And much more! Take a listen here!