The Critical and Evolving Role of a CISO

Published On: December 3, 2015

Your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the most vital positions in your organization and the importance of this role will continue to increase and evolve over the next decade. Security threats are on the rise and when a highly visible company is attacked, a strong reputation and high profit margin can be lost in an instant. As you think about your leadership team, it is important to think about the role of your CISO, their level of responsibility and how they interact with other members of your team.

Making the Most Of Your CISO

General consensus is that every large company needs someone who is in charge of security. The stakes are simply too high and most Fortune 500 companies are not taking the risk. The current line of thinking is that the CISO needs to be a dedicated role with some accountability built in and a focus on strong communication skills so that this person in this role can educate and empower other members of the leadership team.

While the CISO may not be involved in marketing or sales strategies, they are no less important to your company’s bottom line. The CISO’s primary responsibility is to prevent a devastating security breach, which is ultimately just as important as meeting sales goals. The CISO most often functions as a protector of the company, has major influence over important strategic planning and must be available to respond quickly to potential emergencies and security breaches. This person must be able to speak comfortable with leadership as well as staff, articulate the security vision and priority to a board of directors, as well as communicate the important concepts of security to the rest of employees. Communication skills as well as technical savvy are key to finding the right person for this job.

Introducing TrustMAPP: Elevating Information Security

Data breaches are a huge risk for all major organizations. Preventing them takes multiple strategies. TrustMAPP, the first software platform of its kind to automate and visualize information security risk management based on process maturity. TrustMAPP can increase your overall confidence in your company’s information security posture by helping to connect your IT security team and your management team around common discoveries, goals, and budgets.

If you would like more information about how this cutting edge technology can be used by your CISO and the rest of your leadership team, give us a call at 1-952-544-0234 or email to request a demo!

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