The SEC Cybersecurity Risk Management Rules and You: Minimizing your impact ahead of the October 2023 Ruling

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has moved closer to adopting its proposed Cybersecurity Risk Management Rules. Initially proposed in February 2022, the rules were recently moved from the proposed rule to the final rule stage on the agency’s Regulatory Flexibility Agenda. Signs are pointing to action on the final rule by October 2023.

Listen to Bob Zukis from Digital Directors Network and Chad Boeckmann from TrustMAPP for a discussion on the 2022 SEC Ruling and how it affects security leaders today. Some key points of discussion will be:

  • Why do we need a cyber rule? What should be disclosed?
  • Breaking down industry support and opposition to the rules
  • Understanding what companies are initially impacted by the
    new Cybersecurity Risk Management Rule
  • Cyber risk is business risk: Planning now to prepare your Board
  • Effective strategies for cyber risk assessments and the new
    Cyber Annual Review
  • Importance of continuous cybersecurity program performance

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