The Wow Factor

Published On: February 11, 2021

In their recent report, “GRC Adoption Is Growing, But Platforms Fail To Wow”, ($) Forrester pulls no punches, starting right off by stating, 

“Technology that ceases to deliver value daily will soon be replaced by a competitor that does. The governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform market is no exception.” 

Ok then! We have to admit, this is music to our ears here at TrustMAPP. 

Forrester then goes on to show that despite the fact that deployment of GRC solutions is up 60% in the past four years, organizations’ self-reported maturity is actually falling, with a huge regression from Level 3 (“defined”) back to Level 2 (“repeatable”). 

Unsurprisingly, customer satisfaction with GRC solutions has fallen from 46% “extremely satisfied” in 2018 to just 21% in 2020. Ouch. Some of GRC’s capabilities that leave room for improvement include Efficiency, Dashboards/Reporting, and Analytics. 

We aren’t too surprised by these results. Our understanding of the GRC market led us to create TrustMAPP, to address many of these issues. 

In particular, we think we’ve delivered the kind of data visualization ( and analytics ( that customers need to get maximum value out of their assessments.

And our workflow automations, paired with our 50+ pre-configured templates and 60k+ remediation recommendations, boost efficiency, making assessments fly by like never before. 

If you’re a Forrester client, you should read the report.

And then give us a call. We’d like to chat.

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