Third Party Assurance

Suppliers, partners, vendors, and subsidiaries that connect to your systems impact your overall risk posture. Gain important insights to continually assess and manage third party risk.

TrustMAPP streamlines third party assurance, giving you the confidence that your third parties are compliant with your security controls and processes.

Case Study: TrustMAPP Illuminates Third-Party Risk for Regional Bank

When the Director of Security at a regional bank system was concerned that traditional security questionnaires were not providing the full picture of third party risk, she turned to TrustMAPP. Using the TrustMAPP platform, the bank system now augments the risk management process by ensuring all third party vendors complete a security process assessment via a secure web-based portal. The assessment is based on the bank’s chosen security framework (NIST CSF) and regulatory requirements from FFIEC.

A superior solution at a cost-effective price

When comparing TrustMAPP to other options, the bank realized capital savings in excess of $200,000 and saved over 12 weeks of time. Early results yielded insights into risk that had not been revealed using the traditional audit and control questionnaire process. Supported by TrustMAPP’s simple to use web-portal and built-in analytics, the bank’s executives now have a clear picture of third-party risk on a continuous basis.