TrustMAPP 2.0 Release Notes

Published On: April 11, 2016Categories: Release Notes, News

By Mike Edlund, TrustMAPP Product Manager
April 11th , 2016

As TrustMAPP subscribers, we would like to share with you the following important product updates planned for release this evening (April 11, 2016) just before 12 midnight Central Standard Time:

Overall Changes

  • Provided improved views on home screen for overall maturity across all assessments at both the category and scoring attribute levels.
  • Added maturity scoring legend to most assessment and reporting screens to improve clarity of red/yellow/green scoring.
  • Added option to copy a custom designed assessment by the company administrator.
  • Added two additional assessment templates based on the FFIEC CAT (Cybersecurity Assessment Tool) and PCI-DSS frameworks.

Survey Assignment

  • Included “Job Title” when assigning survey users to assist in understanding why users will provide survey inputs.
  • Assigning users to surveys now divided into tabs by “Category” to simplify per process assignments
  • Improved user survey assignment workflow with simple assign/unassign button for each process
  • Provided view of per user completion status for company administrators
  • Provided option to remove users from a previously assigned process

Survey User Improvements

  • Improved user survey scoring workflow with additional instructions, process descriptions and on-screen controls to assist users in scoring maturity for each process
  • Renamed “Scoring Attribute” for the previously used “Subprocess” name to better reflect those attributes making up the score for process maturity.
  • Provided Edit button for changes to a users’ previous written response to a scoring attribute. Existing responses can be edited using this feature when survey remains active.
  • Provided configuration option where users are not required to enter supporting comment for their scoring choice for maturity attribute. Option is configurable per assessment by the company administrator.

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