TrustMAPP 7.5.5 Release

Published On: September 20, 2023Categories: Release Notes, News

Our team has been very busy over this past summer, and we’d like to highlight for you some of the key changes that took place over the past two months to enhance the customer experience in TrustMAPP. Many of the enhancements below are driven from our valuable customers like you. If you have an enhancement to share, please reach out to the TrustMAPP support team ( and discuss. We may include it in a future release!

In a previous release of TrustMAPP (circa June 2023) we announced a new API that allows customers to engage with their information from TrustMAPP and connect to external reporting systems such as PowerBI or Tableau. Connect with your support team at TrustMAPP if you’d like to learn more.

Update Company Config Page Icons and Titles

  • Remove + from Save button. Make it look like other Save buttons.
  • Change “Edit Profile” to “Company Profile” and use the “Company” icon.
  • Update the Security Program icon to the left nav Security Program icon.
  • Change “Process Categories” to “Custom Categories” and update to the left Categories icon.
  • Change “Scoring Attributes” to “Custom Attributes” and update to the left nav Attribute icon.
  • Change “Risk Settings” to “Risk Types” and update to left nav Risk Type icons.

Create a Filter for Categories in Improvement Summary Analytic

For both tabs (Improvement Summary Tab and Process Goals Comparison Tab) we created a filter to sort at the Category Level for each process. Meaning that the spider Chart in the Process Goals Comparison will show category scores and category names when category filter is selected. The same rule will apply to the Improvement Summary Tab.

Add an Excel Format Export Button to Improvement Summary Analytic

In the Improvement Summary Tab, add an export button to export in Excel format the scores, process, recommendations, and attributes. The same export format as is available in the Improvement Planning Analytic.

Export Radar Chart as an Image in Improvement Summary Analytic

Add the ability to download the Radar Chart in Improvement Summary Analytic as an image.

Expand Functionality “Security Program” Screen

Expand group views for all customers in TrustMAPP to include a column that represents percent complete by group and a column for number of active and inactive assessments in a group.

Clean Up Excel Exports Across All Grids and Included Attributes Detail

Removed the HTML Tags from the Excel exports but also ensure that exports from the Responses Tab also include the Attribute field in the export and the Attribute Description field as well.

Create “Initial Score” and “Current Score” for Risk Register

Included a column in the Risk Register to reflect the change in maturity since original assessment.