TrustMAPP January 2023 Release 7.3.2

Published On: January 26, 2023Categories: Release Notes, News

We have several new features and bug fixes in this version 7.3.2 release of the New Year. Our theme in this release is focused heavily on the Responses Tab. To that end we addressed enhancements requested by our customers:

New Frameworks Supported:

  • CISv8
  • NIST 800-53rev5

Exporting Capability Improved

  • Fixed an issue where the CSV Export of Assessment Results Cuts Off Text in the “Comment” Field
  • Included ability to Export “Attribute” and “Attribute Description” in Responses Tab

Responses Tab has an improved “Filter
Now you can view all or minimal data fields in the Responses tab. All of the available fields can be exported as well. See screen shot below. In order to view these filters, simply right-click, your mouse in the header row for the available fields.

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Added Indicator of Linked Documents (Artifacts) in Responses TabGraphical user interface, application, Teams
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Adjusted Logic for Assessment Invite
Prior to this release, a user was able to send an invite without the assessment being set in an active state. This caused confusion so we included logic and a warning message to the Assessment Invitation screen to include a logic check and reminder if the assessment is not set to Active prior to allowing invitations to users to be sent.

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Update to Allow Default Goal to be a Rational Number
Default Goal Changed to Allow for Rational Numbers represented in decimal format instead of only Integers.

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Various other changes:

  • Prevent Revision and Task Creation if No Response for Attribute
  • Correct typo on Edit Manual Industry MAPP Score
  • Correct numbers to Eastern Arabic on tooltips​​​​
  • Moved Task Goal above the Recommendations Description field to prevent deletion and overwrite of user-modified recommendation customization