TrustMAPP March Release Notes 7.4.1

Published On: April 5, 2023Categories: Release Notes, News

ServiceNow Integration for Tasks in TrustMAPP

The team at TrustMAPP has released ServiceNow Integration with TrustMAPP Tasks. Now when company admin creates a new remediation item via Tasks in TrustMAPP the option to send and assign this task to a customer’s ServiceNow environment is possible. This workflow integration allows customers to continue to use their preferred central point of workflow request system while tracking quantifiably improvements to ongoing control maturity.  Please contact for more information and to connect your environment with your existing ServiceNow instance.

Added JIRA Credential Check

TrustMAPP now performs an additional credential check when the user enters their JIRA connection URL and personal access token. This check ensures that the connection is successful with appropriate access rights and will then successfully create and JIRA item from TrustMAPP tasks and remediation workflow.

Fixed a bug with data synchronization between TrustMAPP and JupiterOne

There was an error in synchronizing data between JupiterOne and TrustMAPP when a user was trying to connect evidence to controls. This has been resolved and is now synchronizing successfully in this release.

Scores alignment on screen issue resolved

We have corrected a UI misalignment on certain analytic that would misalign the score over the top of specific charts. This has now been correct in the analytic as well as in the report generated with the analytic in question.

Only Allow Compliance Status Analytic for Compliance-only Templates

Create logic to only allow Compliance Status Analytics for Compliance-only Assessment Templates. No other analytics should be available for those templates that are compliance-flagged templates. By incorporating this logic we are removing confusion by users when trying to access Maturity-based analytics. Maturity-based assessments continue to have access to all analytics in TrustMAPP.

Updated End User License Agreement

We have released a minor update to the EULA and published to production. All users logging in for the first time since this release will be required to accept the EULA once more. The EULA includes language specific to the recommendations and estimates for improvements can be found in Section 12 of the EULA.