TrustMAPP Release Notes 3.8.3

Published On: July 31, 2020Categories: Release Notes, News

On August 2, 2020 TrustMAPP will be releasing a “service pack” to the SaaS environment. Version 3.8.3 will include several low impact defect fixes and minor feature enhancements which are detailed below. As always, if you have any questions, please email us at  

Reminder: New Ticketing System & Email-to-Ticket Feature

All emails sent to will automatically create a ticket in our support system for better efficiency. Submitters can reply to automated ticket emails to add comments to their tickets. In addition, customers can submit tickets by going to  

Assessment Source 

Within the Assessment tab of an assessment, TrustMAPP now shows the Assessment Source Type, Template Source Name, Template ID, date created, creator. This will help customers in understanding the version of the template used, and will assist our support team in triaging template issues.

Template Descriptions 

As our product has grown, so too have our template options. To help our customers better select the right template for their assessment, we have updated all of the template descriptions. They now include notes on template type, template sub-type, statement pattern, statement values, attributes, language support, as well as recommendation and remediation activity estimates. 


The “CMMC v1.0 Practices-Only Template” is a Control-Based Maturity Template. TrustMAPP Attributes are aligned with the individual CMMC Controls such that each Control is assessed on its own merit. Respondents can select from the following Statements: Not Compliant, Partially Compliant, Fully Compliant. These map to the 0-5 scores as follows:  

  • Not Compliant = 1.0 
  • Partially Compliant = 3.0 
  • Fully Compliant – 5.0 

This assessment includes remediation recommendations as well as capital and labor estimates. Template is available in English. 

Removal of “Remember Me” 

This is for security purposes. It’s more secure to use your browser’s remember password feature than an application/website remember me feature. 

Support for Microsoft’s Edge Browser 

Defects Addressed: Minor bug fixes only.