TrustMAPP Release Notes 5.1

Published On: May 3, 2021Categories: Release Notes, News

Behind the Scenes

We have been quiet lately, but we’ve been very busy! Our development team has expanded and as a result part of that we set forth an ambitious plan to streamline our development environment – which means more features sooner.

In addition, we have upgraded many of the underpinnings of the platform to allow our developers to take advantage of the newest technologies.

New Data Grids Rolling Out

Over the next several months, TrustMAPP will be rolling out upgraded data grids. Users will see a dramatic improvement in the usability of the grids. New features include:

  • Quicker, more accurate data search
  • Filtering and sorting by column
  • Re-arranging of column position and width
  • Drag-to-Grouping functionality for easier organization.
  • Updated Actions menus (new and improved options)
  • Export to PDF and Excel

Responses Overview

The Responses Overview is the first data grid to get the improvements listed above.

The Responses overview is now more effective for assessment administrators. With the new grid, users can drag, drop, organize, and filter all column data. In addition, we have included new references that allow the proctors to see responses, validations, and revisions in one view. Users can also create tasks, revisions, risks, and validations directly from this page.

The improved view gives assessment administrators greater detail around every response in order to streamline their validation, revision, and remediation process.

Cross-Map Overview

We are excited to announce our revised Cross-Map Overview Analytic.

This updated view enables our customers to explore an assessment’s cross-mapping to other standards/frameworks. The overview automatically calculates the coverage percentage of the assessment to the selected standard and the projected score based upon current assessment data. Users can easily evaluate scores, goals, and gaps for each mapped artifact. In addition, users can easily create tasks, revisions, and risks directly from the Cross-Map Overview.

This is a great tool for organizations looking to perform “what-if” scenarios to explore how their current assessment and remediation efforts influence other standards/frameworks.