TrustMAPP Release Notes v.4.0

Published On: October 19, 2020Categories: Release Notes, News

We are excited to announce the latest release of our Security Performance Management platform, TrustMAPP. TrustMAPP will be releasing version 4.0 on 20 October, 2020 to our hosted customers. Think of it as our special Hallowe’en release. Trick or Treat you ask? We think it’s all treat!


TrustMAPP 4.0 is an exciting release, delivering two major new areas of functionality: extensibility and ease-of-use. Core to version 4.0 is the concept of Connectors. Connectors allow TrustMAPP to use 3rd Party APIs to enhance the user experience and tightly integrate TrustMAPP with the business tools that our customers are already using today. Our first Connector is Microsoft OneDrive – with many more to come so stay tuned!

As always, if you would like a personalized demo of the new features and assistance setting them up, please email


OneDrive Connector

TrustMAPP now supports the ability to link OneDrive files (aka artifacts) to responses, validator remarks, and tasks. Customers can configure assessments and tasks to allow the linking of artifacts. Assessment proctors can then access these artifacts directly in TrustMAPP. Access to the files is determined by the permissions in OneDrive – ensuring that access rights and version management are managed by your organization in OneDrive instead of TrustMAPP.

This feature design avoids having TrustMAPP customers maintain yet another system for artifact/document management. Instead, customers use existing files and file locations and simply link those artifacts to responses and tasks. This also avoids potential security and privacy issues arising from having your documents stored in the TrustMAPP cloud platform. The best part is that all hosted customers have been granted a license to this feature and it is available for configuration.

If you would like to request Connectors other than OneDrive, please email As always, our customers are the most important drivers of our product roadmap.

Response Page – New User Experience

Based upon customer feedback, we realized that the response page was pretty spooky, so we updated the design. Now, additional context, definitions, and control mappings pertaining to the question are visible to the respondent without the need for additional clicks or mouse hovers. We believe that this will help respondents better understand the question’s topics, and result in more accurate responses.

In addition, we have made the following improvements to the page:

  • Removed the pop-up window for additional response details
  • Implemented an accordion design for easier navigation
  • Improved visual cues for incomplete sections
  • Implemented warnings for unsaved answers

Don’t be scared, log in and take a look! If you have feedback, send it to

New Email Templates

TrustMAPP has updated all automated email templates. For those that liked the ghoulish design of the old templates, we are sorry. For those that don’t like our adopted green color, we are not sorry. ????

We have also updated and simplified the wording and added additional details so users know who to contract at the company if they have questions.

Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

TrustMAPP has updated the Terms of Use and Privacy Statements functionality. Prior to logging in, users will be asked to review and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement includes information about cookies, which are necessary for our application.

You can review the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement here:

Terms of Use

Privacy Statement

In addition, the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement can be viewed in the footer of the TrustMAPP application.

As always, if you have any questions about features, please reach out to us at