June 12, 2024

The team at TrustMAPP is excited to announce the latest updates and improvements in our mission to make measuring, communicating, and improving cybersecurity and compliance easy to accomplish with the release of version 8.0.4b. Our focus has been and continues to remain to enhance your cybersecurity management experience by making routine tasks easier, automated where possible, and providing capabilities that align with business outcomes.

Below are the key highlights from TrustMAPP Release 8.0.4b:

New Features:

Attribute (Control) Level User Assignments

By popular demand, Company Administrators can now assign users (respondents and task owners) at the attribute (control) level for each framework or regulation measured.

Here is a preview of the new user-assignment screen:

Step One: Navigate to the User Assignment Screen
Step Two: Assign a User(s) to Assessment
Step Three: Click on the pencil icon under the subcategory name (in the image above this is Business Environment) to see a drop-down of associated controls.
Step Four: Click the box next to the control name to assign it to a specific user

Real-Time Scoring Updates
TrustMAPP scoring system has been updated to reflect any change in scores in real-time as changes are made to scores for each user, assessment, group, or task completion.

Increase in Page Response for Large Data Loads:
For those companies with multiple users, assessments, groups, and tasks, the page load speed has been improved by over 50%.

Remediation Values for Effort Rounded to the Quarter Hour
Remediation value calculations for one-time effort and ongoing effort are improved and are now rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Taking the quarter-hour approach aligns with real-world time tracking and estimation for projects and ongoing effort estimates.

New Respondent Interface
In case you missed the last product release announcement, we have updated the user assessment interface. You can view an accompanying video to navigate to this new interface: TrustMAPP YouTube Channel
TrustMAPP will be phasing out the legacy assessment interface in October 2024.

Upcoming Framework Release:
TrustMAPP is working on finalizing recommendations and estimates for the latest NIST CSF 2.0 template. Watch your inbox for our announcement coming next week.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed Compliance Report data for maturity assessments. Now when running a compliance report on a maturity assessment this will be properly reflected in the Compliance Report as “Compliant, Partially Compliant or Not Compliant” based on a compliance scoring threshold of the following: <2 as non-compliant, 2-2.99 as partial compliant, and ≥3 as compliant.

Fixed several bugs related to how remediation data and completion data are displayed