TrustMAPP® Releases 2023 Cybersecurity Performance Benchmark Report

Published On: February 14, 2024Categories: Cybersecurity, Performance Management, Blog

TrustMAPP 2023 Cybersecurity Performance Benchmark Report Showcases Cybersecurity Maturity Trends, Areas of Top Performance, and Areas of Concern.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, February 14, 2024 —TrustMAPP released its third annual Cybersecurity Performance Benchmark Report highlighting cybersecurity benchmark maturity trends, top five areas of performance, and top five areas of concern.

The purpose of the report is to provide security teams a view into industry trends that may influence strategic decisions and investments based on how their own organizations cybersecurity program is performing. The report features top industry analysis and anonymized data collected by the TrustMAPP® platform over the calendar year 2023.

The industry trends from the report show an overall maturity benchmark slightly declining due to a number of macro trends that occurred over a large part of the industry in 2023. This slight decrease eludes to the impact of CISO burnout, tightening budgets and increased regulatory scrutiny and report across most industries that report on cybersecurity performance.

Cybersecurity maturity performance is calculated using TrustMAPP platform by aggregating maturity scores across multiple frameworks, organizations of various sizes, and representing samples from over seven industries in the 2023 calendar year. The report also reveals the top 3 cybersecurity frameworks utilized in 2023 with one top framework becoming a new-to-the-scene in report.

“In the 2023 calendar year, the benchmark data shows a slight dip from the previous calendar year in overall maturity. When we look at macro-economic trends and the rate of attrition and budget tightening the correlation becomes supported with the overall performance degradation of cybersecurity maturity,” Chad Boeckmann, CEO of TrustMAPP said.

Learn more about TrustMAPP and read the Cybersecurity Performance Management Report.

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