TrustMAPP Information Security Platform

Welcome to the Industry’s Most Intelligent Information Security Platform

The first software platform to automate and visualize information security risk management, with built-in recommendations, based on process maturity. TrustMAPP fosters confidence in your company’s information security posture by uniting your information security team and your management team around common discoveries, goals, and budgets.

 The industry’s most business-oriented information security platform, TrustMAPP cost-effectively assesses your entire security enterprise—the technology infrastructure and human protocols implicated in most data breaches—so you can measure, prioritize, and improve the strength of your information security program.

Quick assessment and visualization

Dispense with time-consuming, manual assessments that sidetrack the people who need to stay focused on security vigilance across your organization. Use TrustMAPP’s automated templates to gather relevant facts about your security posture in days, not months.

With TrustMAPP, you can quickly assess, measure, analyze, and improve on your company’s entire information security posture—across enterprises or multiple locations. At your fingertips on any device, TrustMAPP gives you real-time intelligence to manage and communicate the maturity of your information security and privacy programs by department, group, business unit, or subsidiary.

Built for communication with the C-Suite

Feature rich, TrustMAPP has dozens of pre-built analytics, designed with your leadership audience in mind. TrustMAPP analytics are complete with estimated one-time resource efforts, estimated ongoing resource requirements by month, and estimated capital costs for improvements.

Radar charts and an analytic dashboard resonate with your C-suite and board, giving them a clear understanding of the investment required to strengthen your information security program. You’ll have the tools you need to ensure that people resources and capital are invested in areas of greatest impact.


Information Security Improvement

The scores and heat maps in TrustMAPP quickly provide information security metrics to your C-Suite and Board, to secure funding for improvements.


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