TrustMAPP September Release Notes

Published On: September 15, 2022

Better, Faster, Stronger (Analytics)

Cue the beat! Our analytics are better, faster, and stronger with raw speed. We’ve made it quicker to view a visual representation of your data and graphs and charts can now be downloaded as graphic files for presentations.


SOC2 Enhanced Recommendations

We made the SOC2 Recommendations even better with prescriptive guidance to further your journey with SOC2 compliance. Now, you can quickly demonstrate how your security controls can fulfill various SOC2 requirements. And it doesn’t stop there. This update satisfies all SOC2 requirements.


Better Export Capabilities

Calling all consultants! We’ve made exporting capabilities easier and better just for you. We’ve improved the capability to export to excel for integration for your own data manipulation.


CISV8 Assessment Template

We’ve added CISV8 but don’t worry, 7.1 isn’t going anywhere. We’ve combined the old and new. We updated CIS for modern compliance and enhanced recommendations to help you on your journey. We are also planning an upcoming podcast with CIS. Stay tuned to our podcast here:


We’ve Integrated with Cisco Secure Cloud Insights!

TrustMAPP is excited to announce its first data integration with the library of tools that exist in the cybersecurity space. This and future releases will allow TrustMAPP to consume your real-world cloud data that enhance your cybersecurity maturity posture in your assessments. Read more HERE.


That’s not all…


We Also Integrated With JupiterOne!

Read more HERE.

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