TrustMAPP Update includes FFIEC and NIST

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Originally Posted on Business Wire June 8th, 2016: TrustMAPP Update

Upgrades to TrustMAPPTM Platform Enable Information Security Leaders to Rapidly Measure, Report, and Improve Process Maturity

Key security frameworks such as FFIEC, NIST, others built into management tool

            Minneapolis, Minn., June 8, 2016 — Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) today released a major upgrade and new name for the SaaS it licenses to help information security leaders rapidly measure, report, and improve the maturity of their security programs. Introduced as Accliviti a year ago, the management platform is renamed TrustMAPPTM for the pivotal role its Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) plays in building trust among stakeholders.

TrustMAPP now provides process maturity gap and investment analyses aligned with a broader spectrum of industry frameworks. Its new interactive budget-setting feature identifies estimated financial and resource investments to make recommended improvements, and a revision dashboard tracks progress in maturity scores as remediation steps are taken over months or years.

TrustMAPP assessment templates come pre-configured with key information security and privacy standards and guidelines, including ISO/IEC 27001/2, PCI DSS v3.1, NIST 800-53 and NIST CSF. Recent additions include FFIEC CAT, HIPAA Security Rule, and GAPP. With the automated assessment, planning, and reporting functions in TrustMAPP, improving cyber security program maturity becomes more rapid and repeatable than is possible with manual assessments.

“Many new security leaders are unsure where to prioritize, or how to get budget support to improve their security programs. Using TrustMAPP, they can quickly develop a maturity assessment, profile, and plan—or MAPP—for their organization,” says Chad Boeckmann, CEO of Secure Digital Solutions, the information security consulting firm that developed TrustMAPP. “TrustMAPP is a way to quickly measure the state of security programs, determine areas and levels of effort necessary to improve, and make budget requests that support maturity goals. This metrics-driven plan engages executives and elevates the security discussion beyond IT to the business issue that it really is.”

The pre-configured assessments in TrustMAPP enable security leaders to rapidly gather assessment data from the functional owners of administrative, technical, and physical security processes across their organizations—processes such as User Access Provisioning, Training and Awareness, and Incident/Breach Preparedness and Response. The tool’s analytics engine instantly tabulates responses and scores each process for maturity, using six attributes inspired by COBIT. Adding process scores together, TrustMAPP provides an overall information security maturity profile for an organization.

“While TrustMAPP helps organizations pass audits, it is much more than a risk management or compliance tool,” said Boeckmann. “TrustMAPP builds capacity into information security programs by measuring and guiding investments not at the control level but at the business process level, where organizations can realize the best ROI.”

TrustMAPP is a cloud-based SaaS platform that operates on a tablet or laptop, and features a visually graphical interface for easy-to-understand executive reports. See a video introduction and request more information at, email, or call 952-544-0234.

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