TrustMAPP v3.3 Release Notes

Published On: July 17, 2018Categories: Release Notes, News

Release Notes


What’s New at TrustMAPP

July 17th, 2018

The purpose of this release is to provide security leaders views of their key assessments, investment needs, reporting and ongoing improvement activities, we have updated the home page for the company administrator to include key metrics and overviews of this data. In addition, new improvements that allow for compliance and more customized maturity assessments are now available. Feel free to reach out to SDS for a demonstration of these new capabilities.

TrustMAPP Company Administrator Home Page Improvements

The TrustMAPP Company Administrator Home Page shows all your key metrics to manage, monitor and improve the specific, priority areas of your security program.  You define which key assessment and program improvements that you want to manage on your security program dashboard.  Review current security program MAPP and key category scores, improvement tasks, security risks, and the investments needed to improve your program.

TrustMAPP UI Improvements

The TrustMAPP UI has been updated for a more clean, simpler look to manage your assessments, reporting and performance improvements.

Compliance Assessments and Best Practice Frameworks

We have arranged the best practice frameworks and regulations aligned with your assessments and our templates for much easier referencing and add-ons to your existing assessments.

  • Compliance templates now allow for compliance assessments against a wide range of industry regulations and best practice frameworks (such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, etc.)
  • When you take a compliance assessment — TrustMAPP checks for compliance for each control (aligned to the attribute).
  • Dynamic gap analysis where compliance results can now be assessed for comparison to other frameworks not included in the initial assessment.

Custom Assessments

New capabilities allow for customer-specific assessments that allow use of our powerful analytics (dashboards, roadmaps, remediation costs) and other task management features.

Maturity Assessment – Compliance Add-Ons

Maturity assessment results can be compared for compliance with another best practice framework or regulation not in the original assessment. Maturity assessments can also be used to conduct a compliance assessment if that approach most closely aligns with how you want to view your information security program.

Test Drive These Changes

To view these changes in more depth and compare to practical use cases we invite you to schedule a demo of the latest version of TrustMAPP at a time most convenient for you. Please use our automatic demo scheduler here: