TrustMAPP v3.65 Release Notes

Published On: January 23, 2019Categories: Release Notes, News

January 23rd, 2019

Today Secure Digital Solutions is proud to announce the release of TrustMAPP v3.65. This version includes features and various bug fixes that improve the use and security of TrustMAPP for our users and customers.

  • Board of Director report now includes point-in-time views
  • Home page options to view category goals and see remediation reports for each region
  • Company-specific report layouts
  • Two-factor authentication including SMS and email options
  • User session timeout and login failure counter


We recommend company administrators review your user session timeout settings on the Configuration Settings menu.

Highlights of our release for v3.65 of TrustMAPP include:

  • Board of Director report updates allowing high-level program performance views at different points in time. Also presents goals for each process category on the report.
  • Company Administrator home page options to view remediation reports from category scores. Home page also shows category goals for each region in the security program.
  • Company Administrator option to create company-specific report layouts for developing reports on assessment results or improvement plans. Dovetails recent release of global report layouts available for all company customers.
  • Two-factor authentication available for US and Canadian users including SMS (text), email or SMS with email failover. International users initially with email only. Options available for requiring two-factor authentication for available user types including company administrators, report viewer users, and assessment users. SMS option requires phone numbers for any user types using this feature.
  • User security feature for lockout when a prescribed number of login failures occur; designed to mitigate brute force login attempts. Company administrator can unlock accounts that are locked. Users can change passwords prior to their final attempt to mitigate lockout from occurring.
  • Interactive screen warning of session timeout due to user inactivity session (timeout length configurable).


Bug Fixes:
Updated email header on change password response.

Assessment response filters remain in-place after completing a validation.

Task filters remain in-place after editing or adjusting a task.

Changed Best Practices on Assessment Dashboard to Strong Practices.

Fixed issues with export of tasks to CSV.

For more information on this release or to test drive TrustMAPP please email support at