Usable Information Security Analyzation

Published On: September 2, 2015Categories: Blog

“Threat intelligence is only valuable if a security analyst can make use of the data, and programs that produce lengthy reports do little to move threat intelligence forward. “

What is the point of valuable security data if you do not know how to analyze the results? Just like with a clothing store, there needs to be something behind the scenes that analyzes the data to make sure you are appealing to the correct people and placing certain types of clothes in the right area of the store. The same goes for information security. Simply put, the human mind is not quick or smart enough to analyze thousands of data points in a matter of seconds. One affordable way to analyze your security data is through the security platform from TrustMAPP. Let our dedicated team revolutionize the way that your information security is analyzed.

Visualize your Data

The biggest issue that companies face is that they do not know what to do with their security data once it is compiled. They may be able to pull in the security data, but are not able to break it down in basic terms so the rest of the company can understand the trends. TrustMAPP took notice of this and created information security solutions that make it easy for your to keep the rest of your company in tune on your data security. Thanks to our easy to understand and use visual display features, everyone within your company will be able to understand and measure the results. Our real time solutions grant you instant access to the analysis making sure that what you are looking at is up to date. Say goodbye to the 10 page report that takes a week to create. With TrustMAPP, you will be able to analyze real-time data in an instant.

Let Us Do the Work

We get it. You should be spending your days focusing on growing your business rather than analyzing security data. TrustMAPP makes this possible for you and your firm. Let us do the work analyzing and visualizing the results so that all you have to review is the easy to understand graphs and charts. Let us help protect your company from the ever growing issue of cyber hacking.

So, if you are looking to partner with a team that is committed to elevating information security, TrustMAPP is the team for you. Our firm is committed to making your threat intelligence valuable to your company. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 to see just how beneficial a partnership with us can be!