Validating Importance of Information Security to Decision Makers

Published On: December 30, 2015Categories: Blog

Decision makers and executive teams of corporations have a lot of stress on their shoulders because one wrong decision can negatively impact the success of a firm. That is why these individuals expect the fine detail of any project or threat be brought to the board members so that they can come to a comfortable decision. When it comes to information security, as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), it is your responsibility to demonstrate accurate and valuable data and findings directly to the board members. Achieving this however, is easier said than done. Proposing solutions to cyber threats or breaches without having the valuable metrics and processes to back up your findings means nothing to your executive staff. Don’t drown in stress! Instead, team up with TrustMAPP today, and let us help provide the missing resources that you need to gain the confidence of your company’s decision makers.

Start With the Basics

Offering quick, point solutions may temporarily solve an issue, but only produces mediocrity. By partnering with TrustMAPP, you will have the added tools to produce your findings at a level that the board members can understand. A solution that illustrates long term information security solutions will help keep your team’s head over the water for the long haul. TrustMAPP contributes to the following areas to help you illustrate your security findings in layman’s terms:

  • Automation – An information security team becomes successful by automating their daily processes. By choosing TrustMAPP, our security dashboard can assess risk behind the scenes while you focus on other security processes that need to be addressed.
  • Solutions – What good are security findings if there is no plan? TrustMAPP will help you develop a clear and precise plan to bring to your decision makers.
  • Awareness – Communication is key! Using our reporting and security roadmap functions, you’ll be able to speak with the decision makers in a productive way for all parties involved.
  • Maintaining Policies and Procedures – When board members analyze potential decisions that have to be made, the policies and procedures are always at the backbone of their decision. TrustMAPP’s security dashboard is based on sound metrics that do not cut any corners when it comes to information security.
  • Measurement – Words can only go so far with an explanation. TrustMAPP helps you provide all of the facts and security findings in easy to understand reports and diagrams that brings the data to life!

TrustMAPP strives to bring everything together when it comes to your corporation’s information security. Let us help connect the dots between productive people, carefully designed security processes and technology by utilizing a reliable information security dashboard. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 to learn more about how we can help validate the importance of information security to the decision makers within your firm.