What is the business value of an effective privacy program?

Published On: June 18, 2021

Do you have an effective privacy program? CISOs and other information security & privacy practitioners need to ask themselves these three questions when analyzing the organization’s privacy metrics:

How do you measure and communicate the business value of your privacy program?

  1. What do corporate executives want to know about your privacy program?
  2. What is the business value of an effective privacy program?

Privacy is important and we propose the following values when creating an effective privacy program that work for any organization:

  • Trust and Confidence
  • Innovation and Growth
  • Service and Quality
  • Efficiency and Deployment

It’s important that CISOs are asking themselves: Do the traditional metrics communicate the effectiveness of the privacy program?

Many times, the answer is no. Too often, organizations fall back on compliance box-checking instead of taking a serious look and deep-dive into the privacy program’s maturity. 

Maturity is just a unit of measurement. Data privacy-focused process maturity signifies an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in:

  • Delivery of continuous improvement value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organizational success
  • Improvement of an organization’s overall effectiveness and capabilities
  • Opportunities for learning about the organization for people in the workforce

There are also a few benefits of Process Maturity as Baseline listed below:

  • Clear articulation of the business values of privacy-focused processes
  • Clear path to the organizational mission, values, and objectives
  • Measures and treats specific activities holistically by considering people, process, and technology
  • Aligns easily with supporting functions and processes

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