Communicate Cyber Risk Performance

Communicate Cyber Risk and Performance

If you are like many other leaders responsible for cyber risk it can be a struggle to effectively communicate the cyber risk clearly and in terms leadership and the BoD understand. TrustMAPP recognizes this challenge and has created analytical reports, aligning to key strategic objectives for your business, to effectively communicate performance, risk and required investments to achieve security and risk goals. We answer the question “How much is enough” in an eloquent manner that is proven to be effective with a business audience.

One case study relating to TrustMAPP®’s communication effectiveness is when  TrustMAPP® was used to perform an assessment and compliance plan for a large statewide system, providing integrated security program management, while sharpening location-level views. The analytics generated provided the CISO and the CRO with clear understanding of the current posture and enabled the conversation to be translated, with no additional effort, to the Board of Directors.

TrustMAPP® delivers results through business-friendly analytics, giving executives and board directors the “at a glance” ability they need to understand and address significant exposures.

For a case study on how Secure Digital Solutions© used TrustMAPP to serve a major state university, visit this page on their  site.

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