Continuous Security and Risk Management

Continuous Cyber Security Maturity and Risk Alignment

Information security, privacy and compliance teams are constantly adjusting to changing laws and regulations that introduce complexities for these teams.

Pertaining to multiple regulatory and framework requirements, TrustMAPP® provides up to 40 various processes, mapped back to required controls, to reduce the assessment burden and fatigue often experienced by a diverse control landscape. TrustMAPP’s assessment templates are pre-configured with the widely practiced NIST CSF, COBIT, ISO 27002, GDPR, HIPAA, FFIEC, and PCI-DSS to name a few. These templates reduce the assessment burden by mapping a many-to-one (controls to process) therefore measuring processes that map back to controls to ensure compliance with requirements.

Through there use of task management features that automatically update analytics and track changes to risk teams quickly adjust priorities while communicating with a well-rounded story provided by TrustMAPP analytics.

Presented with clear information about the state of processes, the CIO, CISO and other executive leadership can see an automatically generated gap-analysis between current and desired performance level based on determined goals and existing risks, along with remediation steps and estimated costs.

For a case study on how Secure Digital Solutions© used TrustMAPP® to serve a company in the legal sector, visit this page on their website.

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