Automate Energy Information Security Requirements

Automating Energy and Utilities Information Security and Compliance

Powering our nation’s energy needs make utility companies high-profile targets for cyber attacks. Energy information security regulations seek to mitigate the risk, but create a compliance burden for organizations in the energy industry. The developers of TrustMAPP®, Secure Digital Solutions (SDS, have consulted with some of the nations most prominent energy and utility companies and are familiar with pertinent data security regulations such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-53v4 and C2M2.

C2M2 TrustMAPP Reporting

Energy companies may have more than 1000 controls and over 40 distinct business process to manage for security, risk and compliance. When you use TrustMAPP, you can quickly add assessment controls specific to energy regulations and standard frameworks—already built into TrustMAPP® templates. Those responsible on the front lines of your security enterprise answer predefined security statements and the responses form a measurable level of compliance with energy industry-specific security requirements.

A MAPP Improves Information Security Assessments and Reporting

The assessment and analysis process delivers a full Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan—or MAPP—aligning to captured risks that quickly surfaces less mature security processes and built-in recommendations provide personnel information to make adjustments along with forecasted effort and investment. Graphic-rich summaries expertly guide you (and your executives) so that you can plan and budget for improvements that will have the greatest impact.

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