Health Care Information Security

Assess Health Care Information Security Risks

TrustMAPP℠ is built for the challenges of health care information security and compliance across multiple business sites, while delivering efficient care, services, and administration. In a single platform, TrustMAPP helps CISOs in health care establish, monitor, and manage up to 40 processes that affect compliance and data security.

Replacing manual and subjective survey assessments that can take months, TrustMAPP allows you to assemble objective, accurate, and actionable assessment data in mere weeks.

iStock_000016832128XSmallAssessment Templates Configured to HIPAA and ISO 27001

TrustMAPP surveys (querying responsible staff) come pre-configured with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), as well as HIPAA, ISO 27001, and state-level privacy requirements.

TrustMAPP quickly develops a Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) surfacing out-of-compliance business processes and recommended adjustments with associated costs. Data security testing and reporting has never been easier, more exhaustive, or more actionable.

The developer of TrustMAPP, Secure Digital Solutions (SDS), has consulted many Fortune 1000 companies in the health care sector, and its founder headed IT security for a major pharmaceutical company.

For a case study on how the SDS used TrustMAPP to serve a major health plan, visit this page on the SDS site.

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