Higher Education Information Security

Manage University Information Security Across Multiple Campuses.

In higher education, you are tasked with protecting academic, financial, and healthcare records across large enterprises. TrustMAPP℠ provides an expedited method to gauge and improve the level of compliance with FERPA, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GLBA, and state-level regulations. Up to 40 business processes are critical to higher ed compliance.

3112348985_82607bddf1_bThe developers of TrustMAPP, Secure Digital Solutions (SDS), performed an assessment and compliance plan for a large statewide system, providing integrated security program management, while sharpening location-level views.

TrustMAPP is pre-configured with the widely practiced NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and additional questions probing compliance with higher ed regulations come ready for load with just a few clicks. Responses from the people responsible for security processes across your institution are automatically compiled, measured, and scored based on maturity of key processes.

The process results in a full Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan—or MAPP—that quickly recommends adjustments along with associated costs. Most importantly, TrustMAPP delivers the results in a user-friendly dashboard, giving presidents and regents the “at a glance” ability they need to understand and repair significant exposures.

For a case study on how SDS used TrustMAPP to serve a major state university, visit this page on the SDS site.

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