Trend Security and Privacy

Trending Privacy and Security Performance

TrustMAPP® provides both privacy and security teams the ability to trend performance over time or compare performance across multiple divisions within the organization.

Example: GDPR compliance trending overtime.

Compare Performance

TrustMAPP® provides the flexibility to assess various divisions across a large enterprise or measure improvement over time for a single organization.

TrustMAPP® quickly develops a Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) highlighting out-of-compliance business processes and recommended adjustments with associated costs. Privacy and security assessment and reporting has never been easier, more extensive, or more actionable by using the TrustMAPP® task management feature or integrating with existing service management systems.

For a case study on how Secure Digital Solutions© used TrustMAPP® to serve a major health plan, visit this page on their web site.

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