Why Cyber Security Matters

Published On: August 15, 2015Categories: Blog

As the information superhighway expands to virtually every area of the globe, we all must realize that today’s society lives in a globally connected world. Each of us is responsible for keeping our information protected from a Malicious Cyber Attack that could spread rapidly from one device to another and infect millions of users. Good Cyber Hygiene protects not only your corporate and personal data but can reduce the risk to customers, family and friends. Implementing Strong Cyber Security Protocols and monitoring diligently is paramount to reducing vulnerabilities. TrustMAPP Software was designed to fill the needs of Information Security Programs across an entire organization.

Good Cyber Hygiene

Every computer that is infected can potentially infect countless more systems. We are all responsible for practicing Good Cyber Hygiene to prevent spread of a contagious virus that can potentially infect millions of devices. Think of a compromised system as something akin to an influenza outbreak. Your personal hygiene has consequences that can affect everyone around you. The same is true of smart Cyber Hygiene measures.

Consequences of Poor Cyber Hygiene

Organizations and individuals who neglect to Implement Strong Cyber Security Protocols may have to suffer the consequences. Possible scenarios of Poor or No Cyber Hygiene includes the following:

  • Identity Theft
  • Lost Data
  • Lost Business
  • Lost Revenues
  • Lost Productivity
  • Legal Liabilities
  • Compliance Failures
  • Compromised Bank Accounts
  • Theft of Proprietary Information
  • Tarnished Corporate or Personal Reputation
  • Customer, Corporate, Personal, Financial and Medical information leaks

Strong Cyber Security Protocols

Implementing Strong Cyber Security Protocols and diligently monitoring your programs is a necessary aspect of modern business. With the help of TrustMAPP Software you can actively monitor Information Security Programs across your entire organization. Clarifying vulnerabilities is the best first step that you can take for finding solutions and preventing a cyber disaster.

What You Can Do to Protect Data

Protecting data is a shared responsibility. There are steps that organizations can take to Assess and Reduce Risk Factors.

  • Educate Employees on company policies for Emails, Passwords, Securing Devices, Sharing Devices and Data Access
  • Educate Children on Internet Safety
  • Utilize TrustMAPP Software to actively Assess, Measure, Analyze and Improve your information security protocols
  • Think about how your actions will Impact Security
  • Devise Strong Passwords
  • Use Firewall Protection for computers
  • Install Antivirus and Anti-malware Software
  • Back Up Data regularly
  • Verify the Source before clicking on links
  • Encrypt Computers
  • Keep Software Up To Date
  • Password Protect Smartphones and Internet Devices

Information Security Platform

TrustMAPP provides an Information Security Platform that is constantly working to keep you informed of security risks within your network. Its important to understand Why Cyber Security Matters and ways to practice Good Cyber Hygiene. Implementing strong security software protocols goes a long way in protecting a Globally Connected World from a widespread cyber contagion.

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