Why TrustMAPP?

Developed from real-world experience in Information Security Management

TrustMAPP℠ was developed by a consulting firm on the ground floor of the information security field: Secure Digital Solutions (SDS). Founded in 2005, the firm was one of the first to recognize the strength of using process-level maturity models paired with CMMI maturity scoring, now the accepted best-practice in the industry.

SDS-TrustMAPP-Program-DiagramSDS refined its Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) consulting approach over 10 years of real-world engagements. Its consultants first began building the visuals in TrustMAPP for a CIO client who asked for a “clear, quick picture” of his organization’s information security posture and future roadmap investments.

The highly refined assessment templates, scoring engine, and graphic summaries in TrustMAPP came from a decade of success with SDS clients.

TrustMAPP is helping security leaders maximize their time and resources while providing 1) fast, accurate assessment across large enterprises; 2) strategic program guidance based on costs and benefits; and 3) communication that resonates with executives and unites the chain of command.

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