About TrustMAPP

Automate Information Security, Privacy and Compliance Management

TrustMAPP® was developed by a consulting firm on the ground floor of the information security field: Secure Digital Solutions (SDS). Driven by customer needs for efficiency and solving a portion of the growing skills gap in the industry TrustMAPP® saves teams up to 70% of time to assess, create metrics and plan security program initiatives.

SDS-TrustMAPP-Program-DiagramTrustMAPP’s proprietary methodology Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) has been refined over 10 years of real-world engagements. TrustMAPP is the automation based upon a trend in the market for C-level executives who asked for a “clear, quick picture” of the business information security posture and future roadmap investments while answering the question “how much is enough?”

The highly refined assessment templates, scoring engine, and graphic summaries in TrustMAPP® is developed with a team having over 75 years of collective experience managing IT and cyber security and privacy programs.

TrustMAPP® is solving security leaders challenge by maximizing their time and resources while providing 1) fast, accurate assessment across enterprises; 2) strategic program guidance based on costs and benefits; and 3) communication that resonates with executives and board of directors addressing cyber risk.

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