Executive Reports

Answer Executive Questions about Information Security Performance

The developer of TrustMAPP is Secure Digital Solutions (SDS), one of the earliest and most experienced information security consulting firms. SDS developed TrustMAPP's reports for a client CIO who asked for a “clear, quick picture” of his organization’s information security status and three-year strategic plan.

Automating best-practice MAPP security management

Chef und seine Mitarbeiter in der Gespraechsrunde

TrustMAPP equips CISOs to quickly assemble and present metrics-driven security plans, at a moment's notice, from their mobile devices.

There was a challenge, though. The MAPP process was manual and time-consuming. After refining the approach during hundreds of real-world engagements, SDS took the next innovative step: Automating the process to make it more rapid, repeatable, and robust for planning. The resulting cloud-based platform is TrustMAPP℠, introduced in 2015, with an enhanced 2.0 version released in early 2016.

"Light-years ahead" in speed, capabilities, and cost-effectiveness

TrustMAPP® is one of the only security program management tools to couple controls mapped to common processes reducing assessment fatigue and leveraging industry standard frameworks and regulations. What really makes it “light years ahead” according to security industry observers, are its prioritized recommendations and cost estimates.

With these capabilities, TrustMAPP makes the CISO’s job easier, yet more strategic, by fostering confidence in a company’s information security posture and uniting security and management teams around common discoveries, goals, and budgets.

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