Wiz and TrustMAPP Integration Provides Continuous Control Performance Measurement

Published On: January 31, 2024Categories: Platform News, News

Minneapolis, MN – January 31st, 2024

We are excited to announce that TrustMAPP’s leading cybersecurity performance management solution is now a part of CNAPP industry leader Wiz’s Integration (WIN) platform. With this integration, mutual customers can pull Wiz Issues and vulnerabilities into TrustMAPP. Issues in Wiz are prioritized based on toxic combinations of risks across the cloud, from vulnerabilities, malware, secrets, misconfigurations, data security, and more that create open attack paths for hackers. TrustMAPP maps Wiz’s identified cloud Issues with regulatory and industry frameworks to quantitatively measure control maturity and compliance while highlighting areas that require remediation.

TrustMAPP’s intelligent recommendation database, coupled with Wiz’s cloud risk assessment, highlights both technical and administrative guidance customers can take to improve security posture. TrustMAPP provides another layer of detail by estimating investment to remediate while customers align controls to key risks found by Wiz and desired business objectives for executive reporting.

Using TrustMAPP and Wiz, customers have a seamless, automated lifecycle of continuous control performance monitoring that measures maturity, compliance, and risk in the cloud with a single integration.

Continuously Monitor and Improve Security Posture

  • Align to industry best practices by continuous monitoring cybersecurity issues and vulnerabilities while applying context to maturity, compliance and risk to business.
  • Real-time prioritization and investment modeling of control gaps and risks
  • Assign accountability to cross-functional teams for cybersecurity remediation
  • Roadmap and progress reporting on open issues and risks relative to compliance and maturity
  • Continuously quantify control testing and remediation with Wiz and TrustMAPP integration

Real-Time Compliance

  • Maintain a by-the-minute snapshot of cybersecurity control performance by framework or regulation
  • Identify policy non-conformance across business units and assets
  • Enforce accountability by control owner

Inform Risk Priorities

  • Track Open, In Progress, Resolved and Rejected Issues from Wiz in the TrustMAPP interface
  • View control performance, informed by Wiz and related risks in a single view
  • Quantify risk and remediation using TrustMAPP and Wiz data mapping