What is Cybersecurity Performance Management?

Cybersecurity performance management is the process of understanding your cybersecurity program’s maturity mapped to top-level risks and the associated level of investments required to improve cyber security posture to adequate levels, aligned to the organization’s goals.

Performance management is not a new concept. As our Board Advisor Steve Katz says,

“The security program should be run like a business within the business.”

Much of this definition applies when you look to improve understanding the cyber security posture of your organization. Questions that you will be asked include:

  1. How are we performing against our adopted control framework(s)?
  2. What is our current maturity level?
  3. Are we making adequate investments? If not, where do investments need to be increased and why?
  4. What is our ideal future run-rate investment on cyber security?
  5. How much risk will we have once our run-rate is achieved?

These and other questions will be asked by the CEO, CFO, and your Board of Directors, so it is important to have ready the business narrative describing your cyber security posture.

TrustMAPP delivers Cybersecurity Performance Management, giving CISOs a real-time view of their cybersecurity maturity. TrustMAPP tells you where you are, where you’re going, and what it will take to get there.

From a single source of data, an organization’s security posture is visible based on stakeholder perspective: CISO, C-Suite, and Board. TrustMAPP gives organizations the ability to manage security as a business, quantifying and prioritizing remediation actions and costs.

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Interview: Assessing Cybersecurity Performance & Maturity

In this interview, Chad Boeckmann, CEO and Founder of TrustMAPP, chats with pioneering CISO Ed Amoroso about how TrustMAPP can assess cyber security performance and maturity.

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